Keepers in the Classroom Environmental Project Evaluation 2010-11 (GlaxoSmithKline)

1. Default Section

1. Name of School
2. Name of Teacher
3. Grade Level for students involved in Environmental Project(check all that apply)
4. Date of Project (beginning/end)
5. Total # students participating
6. Student Demographics: For our reports to the NC State Environmental Education Department

Please indicate the number of students in your class that fit the following categories
7. Describe your project: Please address any changes in activities from the original grant request
8. How did you evaluate this project? What were the results?
9. How will other students or the school benefit from this project?
10. Will this project continue or be a permanent addition or ongoing project for the classroom or school?
11. What, if any, follow-up activities will be implemented as a result of this project?
12. Additional Comments:
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