Corporate Innovation and Failure: A Short Survey

1. Name and company (optional)
2. What is the size of your organization?
3. What is your role with regards to innovation in your organization?
4. To what level is failure acceptable in your innovation team?
5. When an innovation effort fails, what is the attitude of the top leaders of your organization?(check all that apply)
6. Does your innovation team have a process in place to capture learnings from failures?
7. What levels are most often responsible for innovation-related failure in your organization? (Click all that apply)
8. To what extent do the same problems occur again and again in your innovation efforts?
9. To what extent are innovation-related failures made public in your organization?
10. To what extent do you feel your innovation team is learning from its failures?
11. What are the most common causes of innovation failure in your organization?
(check all that apply)
12. Do you have any suggestions on how companies can improve their learnings from failures? (optional)
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