POR- Sponsor Survey

1. Thank you for Sponsoring Portraits of Recovery!

Thank you for sponsoring the eighth annual Portraits of Recovery event, to benefit the women and children of Amethyst. It is our continuing effort to represent our clients and to provide all sponsors and attendees with a quality and memorable experience. Thank you for completing this brief survey and providing feeback.
1. Name:
2. Organization:
3. Please rate the following elements of the event:
PoorBelow AverageAverageGoodExcellentN/A
Cost of Sponsorship
Volunteer Opportunities
Media Exposure
Overall Value to Organization
Responsiveness of Amethyst Staff
Professionalism of Amethyst Staff
4. Did you personally attend the event?
5. If you attended, please rate the following elements of the event:
PoorBelow AverageAverageGoodExcellent
Date (time of the year)
Length of Program
Ticket Pricing
Sponsorship Levels
Technical Production (AV, Lighting, Sound)
Event Execution
Attention to detail/Smoothness of Presentation
Basket Auction/Raffle
6. Please provide any additional comments.
Thank you for completing the survey!

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