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Please help us to create a great community by taking 5 minutes to answer our survey.
1. Please tell us a little bit about your self.
2. Please rate each of the following community characteristics on a scale of importance to you.
Very ImportantImportantLittle ImportanceNo Importance
Alternative Energy
Arts / Culture: community visual and performing arts
Car–Free: convenient community parking on the perimeter near your home
Climate/location: mild climate for year-round outdoor recreation
Colleges / Universities: Eight in Nearby Columbia
Conservation / Environmental Responsibility
Cycling Trails, Safety and other Amenities
Diversity of people and ideas
Education: K-12 bus stop is within walking distance
Green Building Materials & Construction
Health Benefits of a Healthy / Active Community
Jobs / Business: Vibrant Local Economy
Organic Gardening/Agriculture. Farmers Market Nearby
Pet / Wildlife Protection and Consideration
Safety of a Car-Free Environment
Saving Money: Energy, Transportation, Health Care, etc.
Shopping within the Community
Walking & Hiking Trails
Water Recreation: kayaking, swimming, etc.
3. What other aspects of a community are important to you?
4. What type of home interests you?
5. Check all of home styles you like:
I Like....
Cape Cod
Log / Country
Spanish Colonial
Usonian (small F. Lloyd Wright style)
6. Which general home style do you prefer?
7. Which type of home do you prefer?
8. How many levels do you prefer in your home?
9. How many bedrooms do you prefer?
10. What home size do you prefer (in Square Feet)?
11. If you might consider relocating to Bicycle City, would you be interested in renting or owning your home?
12. How did you hear about Bicycle City?
13. Check those items below you might consider doing:
14. What is your age?
15. What is your marital status?
16. What is your employment status?
17. What are your concerns, comments or ideas for Bicycle City in general?
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