Citizen Science Activity, USA Science and Engineering Festival

1. Participant/Volunteer Survey: exhibit, USA Science & Engineering Fest

Thank you for your interest in participating in 's exhibit at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, October 23-24, in Washington, D.C.! We are very pleased to announce our partnership with the USA Science and Engineering Festival and the Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science ( Working with these initiatives, will play host to numerous, hands-on, citizen science activities during the Festival. We'd like to make it possible for you to participate and demonstrate your citizen science project at the Festival. Kindly complete the following, brief survey so we can better accommodate your goals and requirements. If you do not run a citizen science project, but would like to volunteer to help demonstrate one or more, that's great, too! Just complete the contact information and make a note of your interest to be a volunteer in the final comments section (last question). Feel free to email Sci4Cits at with any questions or comments. Thank you.
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