Community College Consortia to Educate HealthIT Professionals Employability Survey

1. From the list below, please indicate the focus group/category that best describes the group/category of which you are a member. You may indicate more than one response. If you do not fit into a pre-defined category, please indicate what category you feel best describes you.
2. Please indicate the current Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation status of your organization? Only answer this question if your facility has a need for an EHR.
3. Were you aware of this training before receiving this survey?
4. Have you hired any students that have completed this training or did you or any of your associates complete this program after they were hired? You may indicate more than one response.
5. If you have not hired a student or you/your associates have not taken advantage of this training, please specify the reasons for your decision. You may indicate more than one response. If your response is "training does not meet our needs", please complete the remainder of the survey.
6. Why do you feel this training does not meet your needs? You may indicate more than one response.
7. Please provide suggestions on how the curriculum of the HITECH Workforce Training Programs can be enhanced to better meet your needs and to overcome any obstacles that you may have seen or feel exist.
8. If you would like to post a position that you have available or would like more information about students that have completed this training, please enter your email address(es) in the box below.
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