Berthoud Parks and Recreation Survey

1. Which practice session would best encourage your participation in CARA Tennis?
2. Please rate the performance of our high school referees for the following programs.
Flag Football
Girls Softball
Youth Baseball
Youth Basketball
Youth Volleyball
Adult Volleyball
3. Would you rather play in a Berthoud only league where you practice and play in Berthoud, or play in a neighboring city recreation league where you would practice in Berthoud and play games in neighboring cities?
4. Would you participate in both Youth Volleyball and Youth Soccer in the fall if we ran one program in the morning and the other program in the afternoon?
5. Would your son participate in a boys only youth volleyball if we offered it? If you answer yes please state which season would work best (Fall or Spring)
6. What time is most convenient for you to register for programs in our office?
7. Which day of the week is most convenient for you to register for programs in our office.
8. If inclement weather prevents us from running youth sports games in the morning, would you rather
9. Please rate your satisfaction with our programs on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being the least satisfied and 10 being the most satisfied. Only rate a sport your child has participated in.

Little Strikers Soccer
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Soccer
Youth Soccer
CARA Tennis
CARA Swim Team
CARA Girls Softball
Youth Baseball
T-Ball/Coach Pitch
Swim Lessons
Flag Football
Youth Volleyball
Lil Dribblers Basketball
Youth Basketball
10. Please rank the following options in order of importance to you and your children on how you would like us to use funds towards our youth programs. 1 being most important and 4 being least important.
New Equipment
Higher Quality Officials
Longer Seasons
Improving Facilities
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