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1. Which workshops did you attend? Please rate them on how useful you found them, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.
4 Oct: Planning a Personal Research Strategy (Jenny Billings & Prof Darren Griffin)
17 Oct: Getting Published in Journals (Prof Sally Sheldon & Prof Jon Williamson)
31 Oct: Identifying an Idea: What the Funders Want (Prof Gordon Lynch and Prof Sally Sheldon)
28 Nov: Constructing a Realistic Project (Prof Peter Taylor-Gooby & Prof Elizabeth Mansfield)
12 Dec: The Essential Elements of a Good Application (Prof Paul Allain & Prof Mick Tuite)
16 Jan: Developing Collaborations (Prof Jon Williamson & Dr Peter Bennett)
30 Jan: How the Peer Review Panel Works (Prof Mick Tuite & Dr Simon Kirchin)
13 Feb: Seeking and Using Feedback (Prof Darren Griffin & Prof Paul Allain)
28 Feb: EPSRC (Prof Sarah Spurgeon & Prof Simon Thompson)
13 Mar: Relationships with Senior Staff (Prof Ray Laurence & Prof Dominic Abrams)
27 Mar: Responding to Reviewers’ Comments (Dr Peter Bennett & Dr Simon Kirchin)
9 May: European Commission (Prof Simon Thompson & Jenny Billings)
22 May: Recycling your Proposal (Prof Peter Taylor-Gooby & Prof Ray Laurence)
5 Jun: Balancing the Conflicting Demands of Academia (Prof Gordon Lynch & Prof Sarah Spurgeon)
2. What topics would you like to be covered in future workshops?
3. For Early Career Researchers, what format of event would be most helpful to you?
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