Woopie Tool and Workflow Feedback

1. What type of publication are you working on?
2. If you're on the lookout for a new publishing tool, which of the following will influence your decision most heavily?
3. How soon will you be looking to switch your publishing tool?
4. What is the most important part of your existing tool for doing your day-to-day job?
5. Which of the following are the most painful elements of your current tool/workflow?
6. What do you like most about your current tool or workflow?
7. Please order the following features in terms of priority for you and your team:
Publish to Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites
Uploading your own custom template given a downloadable skeleton template
Document revision history for text content
Tweaking templates (colors, fonts, etc.)
Exporting directly into app stores (e.g., Windows Marketplace, Google Play, Apple App Store, Kindle Singles, etc.)
Advertisements framework for uploading and creating interactive advertisements
Previewing images of how your publication will look on a number of devices and sizes
Workflow features such as assigning articles, updating status, notifications for things like overdue article, waiting on photos, etc.
Integration with an existing advertising marketplace
8. If there were any high priority features not mentioned in the ranking question above, please add them here:
9. For your web content, will you be implementing a paywall?
10. Is there anything else you would like to see in a publishing tool that hasn't been mentioned in the survey?
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