William Howard Taft University - Course Evaluation Survey
1. The course being evaluated: (course number only)
2. Your Instructor's Name:
3. Your Name (will remain confidential)
4. Course Design and Materials
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo Opinion/NeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
The Textbook(s) used in the course was appropriate and contributed to my understanding of the subject.
The course appears to have been carefully planned.
Expected student learning outcomes have been expressed clearly in the syllabus.
In my case, the stated student learning outcomes have been achieved.
The assignments are clear and cover material or skills emphasized in the course.
Many of the materials presented in the readings and the assignments were new to me.
This course provided me with an effective range of challenges.
The methods being used for evaluating my work (submitted assignments) are reasonable.
5. Which lessons, topics, and/or assignments in particular did you find most relevant to your professional needs?
6. Did you experience any difficulty with the online class platform?
7. Faculty
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo Opinion/NeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
My faculty advisor seems to be knowledgeable of the subject matter and was prepared to answer my questions.
My faculty advisor responded to my communications and discussion posts within a reasonable period of time.
My faculty advisor graded my lesson assignments within a reasonable period of time.
My faculty advisor's comments and feedback on my lesson assignments were clear and appropriate.
Overall, I would rate this faculty advisor as excellent.
8. Student Services
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo Opinion/NeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I received the course materials in a timely manner.
Financial transactions (credit card charges, deposit of postdated checks) were handled by the School in a proper manner.
My contacts with administrative personnel have been positive.
I found the School’s website communication alternatives to be useful. (E-mail, Live Chat, Discussion Forums.)
The Student Handbook provides me with a clear understanding of School policies, systems, and procedures.
9. Personal Efforts
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo Opinion/NeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I have put much effort into this course.
I communicated with other students about some course topics.
I generally followed the recommended study schedule.
I am satisfied with my accomplishments in this course.
10. Overall Impression of the Course
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo Opinion/NeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
This course has provided me with an effective range of challenges.
The course has contributed significantly to my professional growth.
The distance learning methods utilized by the school are effective for me.
11. Did you achieve the goals you had when you started the course?
12. Would you recommend these studies to a friend?
13. All things considered, were you satisfied with your studies with us?
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