Pastor Registration Form for Secret Worshiper Program

Registration for Secret Worshiper survey

* This request may only be submitted by the church's senior pastor.
* Before registration, the pastor must find a trusted pastor from another church who agrees to recruit anonymous secret worshipers for the project.
* There is no charge for this survey
* Details at
1. Church and Pastor information:
2. Please re-enter the Pastor's email address here.
3. Our worship service is on:
4. What time does the main worship service begin?
Multiple services? List the best attended worship time here and write other worship services in final comment box. 
5. The following "Recruiting Pastor" has read his instruction page ( and made a commitment to find 3-7 secret worshipers to anonymously visit our church and complete the survey. He will be issued a unique web link for those secret worshipers' surveys.
6. After I submit this request, I will not discuss the Secret Worshiper plan with the Recruiting Pastor during the next six months.
7. I confirm that I am the senior pastor at the requesting church.
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