TIDE Website


1. What do you think the purpose of the T.I.D.E. website is? (i.e., selling, informing, entertainment, etc.)
2. Could you find what you were looking for?
3. Was there something missing you were expecting to see?
4. Could you tell what the tool was about?
5. Was anything too well hidden?
6. Was it easy to read (both font style and size)?
7. What was your opinion of the layout of the site?
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8. How intuitive and helpful is the navigation system?
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9. Were the results of your community search easy to understand/interpret?
10. In what ways could your community make use of the information?
11. What would encourage you to return to the T.I.D.E. website in the future?
12. If you could change one thing on the site, major or minor, what would be at the top of the "to do" list?
13. Any other comments?
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