Adult Winter Read 2013

1. How did you learn about this year's Adult Winter Read program? Choose all that apply.
2. Next year, would you like the program to run January-March or December-March?
3. For next year's prizes, would you rather have a grand prize drawing (like this year) or earn prizes based on levels reached? (Ex: 5 books read = book mark & candy; 10 books read = coffee mug; etc.)
4. Do you have any suggestions for possible prizes for next year? If so, please share them below.
5. Would you like the program to be more in-depth? For example, you could only count books that were read from a certain genre or from a pre-selected list.
6. One more question before you go: What did you enjoy about the program? Also, please share any suggestions that would help to improve the Adult Winter Read Program for next year?
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