1955-1965 Reunion Survey (2012)

1. Name:
2. E-mail address:
3. What is your favorite memory from Chico State?
4. Why did you select Chico State to attend college?
5. Where was your favorite place to hang out on campus?
6. What extracurricular activities were you involved in while attending Chico State (i.e Greek organizations, student teams, community service organizations, athletic teams)?
7. What was your favorite class?
8. What professor and/or staff person had a big impact on your life and why?
9. Who will you always remember from your Chico State days?
10. Where was your favorite place to eat while attending Chico State?
11. Where was your favorite place to go on a date in Chico?
12. Where did you work while attending Chico State?
13. What did you wear when you dressed to impress?
14. What is your favorite memory from Pioneer Day?
15. What made your Chico experience special?
16. Where did you move after graduating from Chico State?
17. What was your first job that launched your professional career?
18. Who did you miss the most when your moved away from Chico?
19. What songs bring back memories of Chico?
20. What is your proudest accomplishment?
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