Coffee / Hot Tea / Hot Chocolate Interest In Europe

1. Do you drink any of the following (choose as many as applicable):
2. How often do you drink coffee / tea / hot chocolate a day
3. Would you drink more coffee / tea / hot chocolate if it took less time to prepare?
4. Would you drink more coffee / tea / hot chocolate if required less clean up?
5. How many people do you typically prepare coffee / tea / hot chocolate for at a given time?
6. How much do you typically spend on coffee / tea and/or hot chocolate in a given month?
7. If a single serving of coffee / hot chocolate / hot tea was easy to prepare, easy to clean up and cost approximately 0.60 Euro or 0.50 GBP, how interested would you be?
Not InterestedLow InterestMedium InterestHigh Interest
8. If the device required to make this easy to clean up and easy to prepare coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate cost approximately €80 or £60 (VAT excluded), would that affect your interest?
It would decrease my interest significantlyIt would decrease my interest moderatelyIt would decrease my interest slightlyIt would not affect my interest at all
9. What was the cost of your coffee maker?
10. Headfi Name, Age and Location
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