Alabama and Central Gulf Coast Region Blood Donor Survey

1. Blood Donor Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete our Blood Donor Survey. Please know that your feedback will be used as a tool to help us improve our customer service. Thank you for helping save lives through the American Red Cross.
1. Blood Drive / Donor Center Name: (optional)
2. Date of Donation: (optional)
3. Upon arriving at your preferred blood donation site, were you greeted by an American Red Cross representative?
4. Was your American Red Cross phlebotomist’s nametag visible?
5. Did your American Red Cross phlebotomist introduce himself or herself to you?
6. Did your American Red Cross phlebotomist engage you in conversation?
7. Were you thanked for coming in to donate blood by the phlebotomist at any time during your donation experience?
8. Upon leaving the blood drive, did you feel appreciated?
9. Please rate your American Red Cross phlebotomist(s) on the following criteria: (1 being the worst and 5 being the best)
10. Please rate your overall donation experience.
Extremely UnpleasantUnpleasantNeutralPleasantExtremely Pleasant
Overall Donation Experience
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