Senior Exit Survey

1. Please provide your first and last name.
2. What is your major(s)?
What is your minor(s)?
3. Following graduation, are you planning to pursue employment or graduate/professional school?
4. If you are pursuing employment, have you already secured a job?
5. If you have already secured employment, where will you be employed and what is your job title?
6. If you plan to attend graduate/professional school, what school and program have you selected?
7. If you are not pursuing graduate/professional school next year, do you plan to within 2 years, 5 years, 10 years?
8. Rate your confidence in Nebraska Wesleyan's preparation for your employment and/or graduate/professional school.
Strongly PreparedPreparedSomewhat PreparedNot Prepared
9. Rate your satisfaction with the liberal arts education you have received.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNot Satisfied
10. Briefly describe your Nebraska Wesleyan experience. (Consider commenting on the value of your education, financial aid, personal attention, specific experiences).
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