Foundation Store Survey

1. Overall, how would you describe your experience visiting The Foundation Store website?
2. In thinking about your most recent experience with The Foundation Store, how was the quality of the customer service you received:
3. How satisfied are you with the following characteristics of our meditation supplies (statues, thangkas, prayer wheels, prayer flags, ritual items, cushions, malas, incense and other accessories)?
Very satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedNeither satisfied nor dissatisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedVery dissatisfied
Selection (variety)
Purchase experience
After purchase service
4. Thinking of similar products offered by other shops , how would you compare our products?
5. Compared to other shops, our prices are:
6. How does our e-commerce store compare with others selling similar products?
much betterbetterabout the sameworsemuch worse
Website Design/Look
Website Navigation
Product Selection
Product Description/Information
Product Images
Shipping Options
Return Policy
Customer Service
7. Why did you choose our website over others for your purchase? (check all that apply)
8. How likely are you to recommend our website to others?
9. How did you find out about our website?
10. What recommendations would you offer for improving our current selection of products? Do you have any suggestion for new products that we should carry?
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