Welcome to the Wellesley College Class of 1965 45th Reunion survey. This survey will be completely anonymous. No individual will be identified. We simply want to gather information about our attitudes, experiences, and views. We will publish the summarized results in our record book. Please complete the survey by February 28.

Now proceed to the first question and take the survey. It contains 56 questions. Check N/A for questions that do not apply. It should take no more than 15 minutes. When you are finished taking the survey, click on "Done" at the end and your answers will be saved electonically and anonymously.
1. Which academic degrees have you received? Check all that apply
2. Did you earn any non degree certifications (such as Certified Financial Planner or Yoga instructor)?
3. How many years of full-time paid employment have you had since college graduation?
4. How satisfied are/were you with your career/worklife?
5. Are you retired from full time employment?
6. If you are retired, how long have you been retired?
7. If you are retired, was it because:
8. Are you glad or sad about being retired?
9. If you are not retired, when do you expect to retire?
10. Have you engaged in significant "unpaid" activities outside of your home?
11. Have you ever been married or in a marriage-like relationship?
12. Have you ever been widowed?
13. If you were widowed, did you remarry or enter into another marriage-like relationship?
14. Have you ever been divorced?
15. If you were divorced, did you remarry/enter into another marriage-like relationship?
16. How many times have you been married or in a marriage-like relationship?
17. If you are currently in a relationship (including marriage), how many years have you been in it?
18. Is your spouse/partner retired?
19. If you are not currently in a relationship (including marriage):
It is by choice
I am actively looking
None of your business(NOYB)
20. While in a relationship, have you ever "fooled around"?
21. If you have "fooled around", how do you feel about it?
22. Did you ever feel discriminated against because of your gender?
At college
In graduate school
In the workplace
23. Compared with 45 years ago, how do you feel about the status of the "glass ceiling"?
24. Are you:
CompletelyMostlyNot at all
25. If you are mostly or completely gay, were you/did you ever feel discriminated against for your sexual orientation?
AlotModerately frequentlyNot very frequentlyNot at all
At work
26. Are you currently sexually active?
27. Sex Drive?
Very strongSomewhat strongNeither strong nor weakSomewhat weakNone at allNOYB
Sex drive at 25
Sex drive now
28. How does your sex drive compare to your husband/partner's?
29. How many children do you have?
30. Do you have any children under 21?
31. Are your children under 21:
32. If you have adult children (over 21), are they:
Self supporting
Living at home
33. How many grandchildren do you have?
34. Have you had any major health problems or surgeries?
35. If you have or have had any major health problems or surgeries, are/were they:
36. Are you or have you ever been on Hormone Replacement Therapy?
37. If you are or used to be on HRT, was it because of: check all that apply
38. Does your husband/partner have any major health problems?
39. How many hours per week do you engage in physical exercise?
40. Do you have parents or inlaws living with you?
41. Are you a caretaker for: (check as many as apply)
42. How financially secure do you feel? (i.e. able to support your preferred life style until you no longer need to)
43. What is your political party affiliation?
44. Is your party affiliaton the same as it was the first time you voted?
45. Compared with how you felt in college, would you say you are now politically:
46. Compared with when you were in college, are you
YesAbout the sameNo
Happier with yourself as a person
Heavier (in weight)
Happier with how you look
More physically fit
47. Has your life been more or less what you expected at age 21?
Yes,very muchYes, moderatelyAbout the sameNot very muchNot at allI had no specific expectations
48. Have you ever had any cosmetic surgery?
49. In terms of being technologically up to date, do you consider yourself
50. Do you use any of the techonology advances below?(check all that apply)
51. What do you think of all of the technology advances that have occured since we graduated?
52. If you could do it all over again - knowing what you know now about the person you WERE THEN - would you choose Wellesley again for your undergraduate education?
53. If you could do it all over - knowing what you know abut the person you ARE NOW - would you choose Wellesley again for your undergraduate education?
54. Would you encourage a young woman to consider Wellesley College?
55. What is your greatest concern? Please rank these in order of importance with 1 being of greatest concern
The economy
The climate
Poverty/inequity in the world
My own financial situation
My parents
My children
My significant other
My health
56. What did you think of this survey
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