HFP Library Faculty Survey

1. How often do you use the HFP Library?
2. Are you able to find resources in the library for your class?
3. Is the library environment conductive for learning?
4. Do you receive knowledgeable assistance from the Library staff?
5. Do you use online retrieval resources for assignments?
6. Do you use information literacy to enhance your instructions?
7. Do you use Sigi for Student career development?
8. How often do you use the Microfilm/Microfiche collections?
9. Do you find the Sweeney Collection useful for research?
10. Does library photo-coping and computer printing meet your printing needs?
11. Do you assist in weeding the library's collection in your area?
12. How often do you use Inter-library Loan and resource sharing with Memphis Area Libraries?
13. Are the library's hours convenient?
14. How often do you place materials on reserve?
15. How often do you use the periodical collection?
16. Will the addition of any social media in the library enhance student learning?
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