GSHNC Cookie Program Evaluation 2014

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Several questions in the survey will ask you to rate items on a scale of 1 to 5, or not applicable. 1= Poor, 2= Below Average, 3= Average, 4= Above Average, 5= Excellent, N/A= Not Applicable
1. Helpfulness of The Cookie Book?
2. Would you prefer a more condensed version of the Cookie Book?
3. Helpfulness of the program materials (Volunteer Guide, posters, order cards)?
4. Level of helpfulness of the Girl Scouts Hornets' Nest Council web site?
5. Did you attend an in-person training?
6. If the answer to the previous question is yes, please rate your experience of Cookie Training (presentation, information covered, etc).
7. Level of helpfulness of your Service Unit Product Sales Manager?
8. Overall, how would you rate eBudde?
9. Did you do the online Cookie VIP eTraining?
10. If you answered the previous question yes, how would you rate the helpfulness of the Cookie VIP eTraining.
11. Regarding delivery, when you picked up your initial order for cookies, please rate the helpfulness of the people facilitating the delivery.
12. Please rate the location for your initial order delivery.
13. Please rate the locations of the cookie cupboards.
14. Rate the helpfulness of the Cookie Cupboard Managers.
15. How important were the initial order rewards (fox coin purse and star satchel) to your girls?
16. Did the Cookie Points and the Super Seller Destinations motivate your girls?
17. Please rate the overall rewards plan.
18. Please rate the troop proceeds plan.
19. Please rate your experience with the ACH process.
20. Please rate the ease of booking booth sales in eBudde.
21. Rate the ease of requesting Troop (My Sales) cookie booth sales in eBudde.
22. Please rate your interest level in using credit card readers for booth sales next year
23. Additional comments:
24. Please tell us what Service Unit your troop is in:
THANK YOU for your time, talents and effort as a Girl Scout volunteer!