Tutoring Services Website Survey - Summer 2015

1. Please indicate whether you are a:
2. How did you learn about the Tutoring Services’ website?
3. Please indicate which of the following online learning tools you used today:
4. Please let us know whether you found these supplemental learning tools to be helpful, so we may continue to improve our services.
AgreeSomewhat AgreeSomewhat DisagreeDisagreeN/A
Helpful Handouts
Online Workshops
Appointment Request
Academic Links
Citation Styles
Smarthinking Online Tutoring
"Live" Tutoring Presentation
Practice Tests and Quizzes
5. Please indicate whether you have used any other Tutoring Services resources this semester. (Mark all that apply.)
6. I have an improved understanding of the material as a result of utilizing the Tutoring Services’ website.
7. Would you recommend this website to another student?
8. What suggestions do you have to help us improve this website?
Thank you for your participation in this assessment survey.
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