nola baby & family magazine's "I love my Doctor!" reader survey

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1. Family Physician/Internist that you love- and comments on why (ie 'bedside manner' timeliness, thorougness)
2. OB/Gyn that you love and affiliated group ( if applicable) . please add comments on why you love them!
3. High-risk OB you love (and why)
4. Favorite GYN for adult care (and why)
5. Fertility Doctor you love, (and why)
6. Favorite Pediatrician and affiliated group ( if applicable) and why you love them
7. Favorite Pediatric Group, if you love the whole practice!
8. favorite hospital for having a baby
9. favorite hospital for emergency care for children
10. Favorite Family Dentist ( and why)
11. Favorite Pediatric Dentist (and why)
12. Favorite Orthodontist ( and why)
13. Favorite Pediatric Ophthalmologist ( and why)
14. Favorite Dermatologist (and why)
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