Hospice of Mercy Volunteer Guest Service Excellence Training Quiz

Welcome to the Hospice of Mercy volunteer guest service excellence online video training post quiz. Please complete the questionaire to the best of your ability after you have watched the Hospice of Mercy volunteer guest service excellence video located on the Hospice of Mercy volunteer webpage (www.mercycare.org/hospice). If any questions, please email mclapp@mercycare.org. Thank you!
1. Of the following attributes of a good volunteer, which are the most important to you?
Multiple Choice: More than one answer may be correct.
2. Who are the guests at Hospice of Mercy?
3. Expectations of Interaction with guests. Please put the following in correct order:
When 12 feet away, make eye contact and smile in an appropriate non-threatening manner.
Smile and ask, "How may I help you?"
Attempt to solve our guests problem or direct them to someone who can.
When 6 feet away, greet the guest with "Good morning" or "Good afternoon".
4. What action should you take to help reduce the stress and tension of a disgruntled guest?
5. Which is NOT the appropriate attire when you are working with hospice patients and families?
6. Please complete the following information:
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