Health Careers Fair Student Evaluation

1. How did you hear about the Health Careers Fair? Please check all that apply.
2. What did you do to prepare for the Health Careers Fair? Please check all that apply.
3. How did you prepare your resume for the Health Careers Fair? Please check all that apply.
4. After attending the Health Careers fair, do you feel that:
You are more aware of employment opportunities available for your major?
You are more comfortable interacting with potential employers?
You gained information that, combined with other knowledge and experience, will help you make future career decisions?
5. What impact has attending this job fair had on your future plans?
6. Did you interview with any employers at the fair today?
7. If you answered yes to the previous question, please list the employers with whom you interviewed.
8. Do you have plans for a follow-up meeting with any particular employer from the Health Careers Fair?
9. What can we do to improve future Health Careers job fairs?
10. Please list any specific employers you would like us to recruit to future Health Careers job fairs?
11. Please indicate the category that best describes you.
12. What is your major field of study?
13. What month and year will you graduate from college?
14. All respondents to this survey who provide their name and contact information will be in a drawing for a $25 to be placed on their Buff Gold Card. The following information is optional, but must be included for eligibility for the drawing:
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