Fall Fling Student/Parent Feedback

1. Are you a student or parent of a student?
2. What is your current status or that of your student?
3. How did you learn about Fall Fling at LSSU?
4. Prior to arrival, I was provided with helpful information such as directions, area accommodations, etc.
5. Upon arrival to campus, parking and check-in was manageable and effective.
6. The Welcome Session - featuring guest speakers and Admissions and Financial Aid Presentations - was helpful and informative.
7. I enjoyed the "open house" format allowing me to attend the presentations and sessions of my choosing during the afternoon.
8. Which academic session(s) did you attend?
9. The academic session(s) I attended was helpful and informative.
10. The residential hall viewing was helpful and informative. This includes traditional freshmen housing such as Brady Hall (males), Osborn Hall (females), and the Living Learning Communities (Honors, Chemistry & Environmental Sciences, Criminal Justice & Fire Science, and Engineering).
11. The Activities Fair and BBQ was enjoyable and allowed me the opportunity to learn more about student clubs and organizations.
12. I found the Admissions staff and LSSU representatives to be helpful and friendly.
13. Overall, I found the program to be informative and worthwhile.
14. This program has been a positive influence on my decision to attend Lake Superior State University.
15. If you have any additional questions or comments, please provide them here. Thank you for your participation in Fall Fling 2011 and our survey!
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