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1. Howard University College of Dentistry Alumni Survey

1. After Graduating, did you return to your state or country of residency to practice or did you attend a residency program?
2. Which practice types best describe your current practice environment. Rate up to 3 types in order of significance, with your primary type being a "1" and the third most involved practice a "3".

Note: If retired, skip to question 8.
Prioritized Practice Listing
Academics and Practice
Health Organization
General Practice
Group Practice
Military/Public Health Service
Sole Proprietorship
Not in Practice, Retired
3. Which best describes the population of your practice location
4. How many hours a week do you practice?
5. How many years have you practiced dentistry?
6. How many new patients per week have you treated in the last six months?
7. Which best describes your patient population?
8. Approximately how much would it cost a new Howard general dentist to open an office in your region?
9. Please estimate the gross income that a new Howard general dentist could expect to earn after 2 years of practice in your region?
10. Which organization(s) are you a member.
11. Identify the organization(s) in which you are now, or have been, an officer.
12. How many Continuing Education Credits do you earn annually?
13. Which of the following postdoctoral programs have you completed?
14. Did you earn:
15. Which clinical licensure boards have you completed?
16. Rate your overall preparedness to practice dentistry upon graduating from Howard
Well PreparedPreparedSomewhat PreparedNot Well Prepared
Upon graduation, I was:
17. Your. Gender
18. Your Marital Status
19. Ethnic Origin
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