Survey of Licensee Technology

Please complete the survey no later than May 10, 2010.
WA License Type
WA License #
Licensee Name

1) Please identify the system used and related information for each service type (or indicate none)
Loan Origination System
Loan Origination Software
Loan Origination Vendor
Servicing System
Servicing Software
Servicing Vendor
Imaging System
Imaging Software
Imaging Vendor
Loan Documents System
Loan Documents Software
Loan Documents Vendor
Post Closing Docs System
Post Closing Docs Software
Post Closing Docs Vendor
Compliance System
Compliance Software
Compliance Vendor
Funding System
Funding Software
Funding Vendor

2) Please indicate your origination channels

3) Please indicate the number of loans for each category for the last calendar year:

4) Please indicate the estimated percentage of loan programs offered
Please describe other for above

5) Please answer the following question if your loan origination system (LOS) has the ability to prepare loan documents and funding worksheets. Otherwise, please move on to Question 6.

a. Are the funding worksheets updated prior to closing or disbursement of funds to ensure the fees are the same compared with the final HUD-1 or HUD-1A?

6) Please answer the following questions if your LOS does not have the ability to prepare loan documents. Skip this question if you answered Question 5.

a. Are you currently utilizing a third party vendor to prepare loan documents?
b. Do you have a system to prepare funding worksheets prior to closing or disbursement of funds?

7) Do you validate the funding worksheet prior to closing or disbursement of funds with the escrow company’s amended closing statement?

8) After closing, do you reconcile any changes between your loan origination system and the physical documents (Final HUD-1 or HUD-1A) to ensure that the information disclosed is the same as the information recorded in your systems?

9) Please answer the following question if you are a correspondent lender:

a. Do you currently receive funding/loan data from your wholesale lender?
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