A Wish Come Clear + Your Creed Of Care Survey

1. In 1-2 sentences, why do you read A Wish Come Clear?
2. What are your favorite kinds of posts here at A Wish Come Clear? (You may select multiple answers.)
3. Have you read "Your Creed Of Care: How To Dig For Treasure In People (Without Getting Buried Alive)"?
4. If you answered Yes + have read "Your Creed Of Care", what was your favorite pitfall/tool pair from the ebook? What section did you enjoy most, or derive the most benefit from? (You may select multiple answers.)
5. What's the biggest problem or challenge you're currently facing in your relationship with yourself + others?
6. Which of the ebook titles/topics below pique your interest? Which would you desire to read + purchase? (You may select multiple answers.)
7. In 1-2 sentences, how can I best serve you?
8. What is your gender?
9. What is your age?
10. In 1-2 sentences: What would your life look like if you felt supported in every area? What changes have you been longing to make for yourself?

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