WOW Letter of Recommendation Form


TO THE RECOMMENDER: This student is applying for a Hiatt Career Center World-of-Work (WOW) summer internship grant from Brandeis University. The program encourages students to explore careers by eliminating financial barriers that may deter students from pursuing unpaid summer opportunities.

Selection is based upon a student's readiness to undertake the internship as well as match between the internship and the student's goals for the summer.

The selection committee values qualities such as responsibility, flexibility, maturity, initiative, and motivation. In addition, Hiatt would appreciate any information you could provide regarding preparedness and fit for this particular summer internship.

More information about the WOW program can be found at Questions may be directed to Jackie Blesso, Assistant Director of Career Development,, 781-736-3627.

**To be considered, all recommendations must be submitted by Wednesday, April 1, 2015, at NOON.
1. Please provide your contact information below.
2. Name of the applicant:
3. How long have you known the applicant?
4. What is your relationship to applicant?
5. Please evaluate the applicant on each of the following characteristics relative to other students/employees you have known:

OutstandingMore than satisfactorySatisfactoryLess than satisfactoryUnsatisfactoryUnable to evaluate
Positive attitude
Team player
Work ethic
6. Please share any comments or examples of your experience with the applicant that feel would aid the selection committee. If appropriate, please include any information about the applicant's interest and/or experience in the proposed career field.

You may also send comments on a separate document to Jackie Blesso at
7. Overall Recommendation:
EnthusiasticallyHighlyModeratelyMinimallyNot at all
I recommend this applicant
Thank you for taking the time to complete the WOW Recommendation Form. The Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University appreciates your support for this applicant.