Tender Palate 10 Q Restaurant Survey

Restaurant Dining Habits & Experiences

The information you provide will help The Tender Palate serve you better as it grows, and it will also help our participating restaurants understand what Tender Foodies need as well. We won't collect any personal information in this survey. All responses are completely anonymous.
1. Who has food allergies or intolerances?
yes/noOf this group, how many people have food allergies / intolerances?
Yourself? (answer "0" or "1" in 2nd column)
Immediate Family?
Extended Family?
Close Friends?
2. What type of food allergies do you (or any family members have)? Again, please be assured that the information collected is completely anonymous.
3. How often do you go out to eat each month?
4. As a person with food allergies, how comfortable do you feel eating at a restaurant?
Not at all234Somewhat6789Very comfortable
Choose your preference
5. What are the top 3 toughest things about dining out with food allergies / intolerances? (choose 3)
6. When you are invited to dine at a restaurant that does not accommodate your food allergies / intolerances how do you respond? Please choose 1 or 2 answers.
7. Please tell us about any food allergy / intolerance reaction that you or your loved one may have had after dining out at a restaurant.
Have you (or a loved one) had a reaction at a restaurant because of food allergies / intolerances?Did you contact the restaurant to let them know?Did you feel satisfied with the restaurant's response?
Please respond to each menu as appropriate.
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