CairnGorm Mountain - Tell us what you think

1. Where did you hear about us?
2. Have you visited us before?
3. Respecting our natural environment is important to us - did we achieve this?
4. Please rate helpfulness of staff
5. Please rate cleanliness of facilities
6. Please rate our information given
7. Please rate the quality of goods in our shops
8. Please rate the service in the shop
9. Please rate choice of food
10. Please rate service in the restaurant
11. please rate the quality of the food in the restaurant
12. What has been outstanding?
13. What can we improve?
14. Would you recommend us?
15. would you return
16. It would help us to improve our service if you would provide us with the first 4 characters only of your postcode
17. May we send you information by email?
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