HorizonHobby.com Site Survey - For the Site

General Hobby Questions

1. What are your primary hobby interests? (Select all that apply)
2. Which of the following terms best describes your involvement level with hobbies:
3. How much do you typically spend purchasing hobby products online each year?

4. Where do you normally purchase your hobby products?
5. On average, how often do you visit the HorizonHobby.com website?
6. Please complete this statement: "I typically visit HorizonHobby.com to ...”
(Please select all that apply)
7. Which of the following online resources do you use to search for hobby product information?
(Please select all that apply)
8. In addition to HorizonHobby.com what other online sites do you utilize for hobby product shopping?
(Please select all that apply)
9. Which online social websites do you currently utilize?
(Please select all that apply)
10. Which of the following features are important to you? Check all that apply.
11. Please rank each of the following as to their importance in your online purchase decision:
1 = No Importance2 = Somewhat Important3 = Very Important
Product price
Product selection
Customer service
Product support
Product availability
Brand selection
Order processing/shipping speed
12. Please rate the following features of HorizonHobby.com:
1 = Poor2 = Below Average3 = Average4 = Above Average5 = Excellent
Shopping experience
Product availability
Search capabilities
Thoroughness of production information
Product media (images/video)
Article content
Visual appeal
Ease of Navigation
Overall experience
13. Which of the of the following special offers are likely to effect your decision to purchase products online:
(Please select all that apply)
14. Please let us know how you would like to receive product information on an ongoing basis.
(Select all that apply)
15. Which of the following loyalty/reward program benefits would be the most appealing to you?
(Please select all that apply)
16. Are you likely to recommend HorizonHobby.com to a friend for online purchases?
17. Please provide any additional comments you would like to make regarding your experience with HorizonHobby.com.
Thank you for your feedback.
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