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Enter for your chance to win a Fargen Amps pedal board by West Coast Pedal Board, complete with a new Fargen Pete Anderson Tumbleweed pedal, Sonic Edge Fluffer pedal board buffer pedal and an Evidence Audio Monorail Solderless Kit. Total retail value $800. Giveaway ends June 28, 2013. Open to all territories except where prohibited by law.

The new Fargen pedal board by West Coast Pedal Board is handcrafted in Windsor CA and made especially for Fargen, using the same materials, tolex and piping as used on our heads and combos. Comes complete with a fitted tolex case.

Fargen's Pete Anderson Tumbleweed pedal was just released, taking the original circuit and applying a cool new color scheme as designed by Pete. The Tumbleweed is an innovative compressor and clean boost in one pedal. Both effects can be used together or separately. And the Fluffer works wonders to eliminate unwanted noise and tone killer from your pedal chain.

Evidence Audio's Monorail Solderless Kit helps you tie it all together, with 10 SIS Screw in Solderless plugs and Monorail installation cable.

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