Satisfaction ratings of recently approved loan.

1. Loan Name
2. Who was your Loan Officer?
Pick One
3. Met Deadlines - Did the Underwriter meet all necessary deadlines (FC, COE, etc.)?
Exceeded deadline expectations.Met deadlines.Met most deadlines, but could improve.Didn't meet deadlines.
4. Loan Ownership/Management - Did the Underwriter take ownership of the loan? Did they present her/himself as the main point of contact with both the client & lender?
The Underwriter did all or most of the work.We prearranged any shared responsibilities and stuck with our plan.I had a little bit too much involvement.I had far too much involvement.
5. Responsiveness - Was the Underwriter available and did they respond in a timely manner to all emails and calls (with you, the client & the lender)?
They responded very quickly (same day or better).They were responsive, but could be quicker.They were not as responsive as necessary.N/A - I don't know.
6. Communication – Did the Underwriter communicate with the relevant parties including yourself with frequency and clarity?
Exceptionally communicative.Very communicative.Effectively communicative, but could improve.Not as communicative as was needed.
7. Overall Satisfaction – How satisfied are you with how this loan was handled in Underwriting?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNot SatisfiedVery Unsatisfied
8. Who was your Loan Processor?
Pick One
Loan Processor
9. How accurate was the Loan Processor's work?
Perfect - No errors foundVery minor errors, did not effect loan docs or timingErrors due to lack of clarity regarding loan (not typos)Documents had to be sent to the client more than once due typos or errors
10. How involved was the Loan Processor in this loan?
Very involved/helpful throughout the loanVery involved in early stagesSomewhat involved - did what was requestedNot involved/helpful - relied on other parties like BDA
11. Other than usual processing, if any, what kind of assistance did your LP provide for this loan?
Intake/Application sentLoan Proposal(s)Lender Package(s)Collected docs and info for PQ from outside partiesFollowed up for missing item(s) with outside partiesProvided updates to myself and/or others
Choose all that apply:
12. Comments (regarding LO and/or LP)
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