Steampunk Project

Multimedia (VE, SteamPunk)

This survey is to assist me in collecting YOUR opinions and views for my project. My project is to plan, design, build and animate a steampunk themed robot playing chess.

What is steampunk?
To help you answer my questions take a look at:

1. Are you a fan, or fond of the theme 'steampunk'?
2. Have you seen any steampunk styled films? If so, which?
3. To you, what specific objects remind you of steampunk?
4. I have had a few ideas about my project, can you tell me which of these most appeals to you? From left to right (1-5), 5 being the best.
Underwater, a steampunk themed ship wreck with a fish robot.
A gothic bar with steampunk twists, (think Pit & Pendulum), with a burlesque stripper robot.
An alchemy lab, with a mad robot scientist.
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