Feedback For SRCC's New Website

1. Which best describes your profession for which you need climate data?
2. Which best describes the reason for your visit to the SRCC site?
3. How often do you visit the SRCC site?
4. Which climate data products do you find to be the most useful?
5. Was the SRCC site helpful in fulfilling your climate data needs?
Not Helpful Somewhat Helpful Very Helpful Extremely Helpful
6. If you experienced any problem(s) using the SRCC website, please state the following:

a. The product(s) or page(s) where you experienced it.
b. The Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X, iOS, Android or Linux) of the computer/tablet/phone you were using.
c. The Web Browser (including version numbers) where the problem occurred.
7. Please rate the SRCC site in general
Not UsefulSomewhat UsefulAverageVery UsefulExtremely Useful
8. How does the SRCC site compare to other climate-related sites you have visited?
Not FavorablyAbout the SameSomewhat FavorablyVery Favorably
9. Based on your experience, would you recommend the SRCC site to others?
Absolutely NotNot LikelyMaybeMost LikelyAbsolutely
10. Based on your experience, do you plan to visit the SRCC site in the future?
NoMaybe Most LikelyAbsolutely
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