WOW Supervisor Internship Evaluation

Thank you for taking your time to complete this evaluation. Your detailed comments help us create a stronger internship program at Brandeis. If appropriate, we advise that you discuss this evaluation with your intern in more detail.
1. Biographical Information:
2. Dates of Internship:
Because your student intern is participating in a formalized Brandeis internship program, your substantial comments will determine student adherence to program criteria.
3. Please describe the work the intern performed:
4. Please rate the student's PERFORMANCE based on the specific areas below:
ExcellentGoodFairPoorCannot rate
Quality of Work
Intra-Personal Relationships
Ability to Learn
Desire to Understand Key Concepts of the Field/Industry/Organization
Overall Performance
5. Please rate your intern's SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, OR ABILITY in the competency areas outlined below:
HighMediumLowCannot Rate
Oral & written communication
Quantitative skills
Ability to synthesize and integrate ideas and information
Skills and knowledge needed for success in chosen field
Problem-solving skills, effective reasoning, and decision-making
Strong work ethic
Ability to work with people different from self; capacity to work within team
Knowledge of basic concepts in this field or discipline.
6. Please comment on the student's strengths:
7. Please comment on areas the student should improve on:
8. May we use your comments and share them on our website and publications?
Thank you for filling out your evaluation. Please hit "Submit" to record your answers.
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