BISC209-PRE SURVEY-lab component

1. I am a college:
2. Choose the answer that most closely describes your agreement with the following statements referring to the LAB component of BISC209: Microbiology
Agree completelyAgree somewhatNeither agree nor disagreeDisagree somewhatDisagree completely
I expect to enjoy the lab component of microbiology.
I expect the concepts covered in microbiology to be interesting.
I expect to be able to use what I learn in microbiology lab in my personal life.
I expect to be able to use what I learn in microbiology in my future professional life.
I expect microbiology lab to be challenging.
I am glad microbiology has a lab as part of the course.
I want to learn about science and the research process.
I want to perform actual research where the answers are not known.
I want to gain experience using new laboratory tools.
I want to improve my scientific writing skills
I prefer to work independently in the lab rather than as part of a team.
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