From Game Design to Best Teaching Practices

1. From Game Design to Best Teaching Practices

May 13, 2014
10:00AM—12:00 Noon
ITLAL Underground (Library 69)
Refreshments will be available starting at 9:45 AM

What does World of Warcraft have to do with Psych 101? Answer: both are artificially constructed learning environments. If you've ever lost an evening to a good game (Wii Golf, Candy Crush, Plants vs. Zombies, Chess or Scrabble, anyone?) you'll understand just how engaging and learning-focused a well-designed game can be. The best-designed games invite players to undergo carefully calibrated tests of their abilities, and provide functionality for immediate feedback. The feedback mechanism is essential for communicating--and motivating--the player’s progress, as he/she moves through increasingly difficult challenges. We teachers can leverage this psychological dynamic to draw students into learning what we want them to learn. Join us for some light-hearted, serious learning, and find out how two of our UAlbany faculty members have been adapting gaming strategies to their classrooms.
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