Benefit Cosmetics: Tell Us What You Think! (Singapore)

1. Which attribute best describes the Benefit Cosmetics brand to you? Please check all that apply.
2. When you think of Benefit Cosmetics, it makes you ________.
3. Please read each of the statements below and indicate how strongly you believe each one applies to Benefit Cosmetics:
I strongly agreeI agreeUndecidedI disagreeI strongly disagree
Solves my beauty problems
Is fun/ makes me smile
Offers really innovative products
Has attractive packaging
Is a brand I entirely trust
Is a brand to which I feel close to
Offers high quality products/ formula
Is good value for my money
Is used by professional Make-up artists
Is used by celebrities
Teaches me new makeup application techniques
Is edgy and trend setting
I am proud to take out these make up products out of my purse
Makes me dream
Is an iconic brand
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