☢✌☭☣ SMOKERS ☣☭☠☢

1. How did you start smoking?
2. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
3. How long have you been smoking?
4. Do people treat you differently when they find out you smoke cigarettes?
5. What is your average in school?
6. Do you participate in any extra curricular activities? (Ex. Sports, a job, clubs, etc.) If yes, please specify
7. If yes to above, how many hours a week?
8. Has smoking affected the things you do, and how well you perform in school? If yes, please answer how below.
9. How important is school to you?
Not important at allNot reallySo-soImportantExtremely Important
10. Do you engage in more illegal activities than you did before, after you started smoking?
Not at allA littleModerateVery much
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