MIT iTeams: Solar Grill Survey


1. Do you own an Outdoor Grill?
2. If so what kind of Grill do you own? (Check all that apply)
3. Have you ever considered using another type of Grill other than the one you own?
4. What feature do you value most about your Grill?
Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important
How Food is Cooked
Ease of Use
Brand Name
Ease of Cleaning
5. Which season would you say you use your Grill the most? (Check all that apply)
6. During peak times what is the most amount of time you use your grill in a week? (On Adverage)
7. (After looking at the prototype) If the price was not an issue would you purchase a Solar Grill?
8. If the answer is No, what are the contributing factors? (check all that apply)
9. If the answer is Yes, what are the contributing factors? (check all that apply)
10. Are there any other comments you would like to add about the Solar Cooker?
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