Career Services Satisfaction Survey

1. Tell Us About Yourself

The purpose of this survey is to solicit feedback on the quality of our services in Career Services and Testing. We appreciate your participation.
1. Please tell us your status at Carroll College.
2. Please tell us your academic major(s).
First MajorSecond MajorPre-Professional Program
Academic Major
3. Before meeting with Career Services please rate your knowledge in the following areas.
Very KnowledgeableSomewhat KnowledgeableVery Little KnowledgeNot covered today
Formatting and writing a resume
Identifying appropriate internships for my area of interest
Conducting informational interviews or networking
Performing well in a job/internship interview
How to organize and conduct a successful job search
Identifying appropriate grad programs
Crafting a personal statement for graduate school
4. How did you learn about Career Services? Check all that apply.