Gift Giving in Business (USA only please)

1. What is your age and gender?
2. What's your most common intention when giving presents in business?
3. How common is it in your country to give presents to build relationships in business?
4. What’s your attitude towards gift giving behavior in business to build relationships?
5. According to question 3, what do you think of the relationship between such gift giving behavior and bribery?
6. Have you ever given gifts in order to build business relationships?
Following the previous question, who are most likely to be the receivers of those gifts?
7. Which aspect do you pay more attention to when choosing a present in business to build relationships?
8. When will you choose to give your presents in business?
9. Do you prefer giving presents to build business relationships publicly or privately?
10. Besides gift giving, what do you think are ways to build relationships in business?
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