2011-12 Athlete Survey

Athlete Survey

To improve your winter sports experience, we would like your feedback on your 2011-2012 team experience. Thank you for your time in helping us improve our program for the upcoming year.
1. How many seasons have you been skiing with the Snowbasin/OVST programs?
2. What program were you in this season?
3. What was your experience with the program this season?
UnhappyGoodVery Happy
4. How was the variety of skiing this winter?
5. How have your technical ski skills changed from the beginning to the end of the season?
6. How proud are you to be a member of this team?
7. Would you recommend OVST or your team to a friend for next winter?
8. Are you planning to return to the team next winter?
9. What changes would most improve your team for next season?
10. Name (optional)
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