Tech Fest Volunteer Interest

Tech Fest 2013

Help us make Tech Fest 2013 a success by volunteering!

Tech Fest is The Works’ biggest event of the year and a celebration of National Engineers Week. We’re expecting over 1,500 visitors this year!

Tech Fest is Saturday, February 23, 2013 at The Works, 9740 Grand Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55420.
1. What time would you like to volunteer? Please rank your choices:

We have space available in all shifts, but particularly need help in during the 3:15-5:30 shift.
2. Would you like to volunteer for more than one shift?
3. Is there an activity where you would prefer to help? Please rank your preferences. Requests are not guaranteed, and are dependent upon the needs of The Works. The activity list is not limited to these options.
Registration - Help Work's staff welcome visitors and assist with check-in.
Circuit Play - Guide visitors through experimenting with simple circuits - hook up batteries, wires, lights, motors, and buzzers.
Exhibit Gallery - Spend time in the museum assisting visitors, as well as monitoring the exhibits for supplies and tidiness.
Tech Take-Apart - Help visitors dig into old electronics to discover what's inside and spark curiosity about how things work.
Monitor - Oversee an area for general inquiries, tidiness, etc.
Surprise Me - Tech Fest is bustling with activity, and we always need volunteers that are willing to jump in on any task.
4. Thank you for your interest in volunteering, please complete the contact information below.
5. Have you volunteered at Tech Fest previously?
6. Would you like to be contacted regarding future volunteer opportunities at The Works?
7. Comments/Questions:
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