Marketing Research

1. What area of your business do you represent?
2. What marketing channel did you use to find Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions' website?
3. What websites and magazines do you read to stay current on industry news? (Please select your top 5 preferences)
4. How often do you read trade magazines?
DailyEvery few daysWeeklyBi-weeklyMonthlyQuarterlyAlmost never
5. What is your primary way of gathering information for your project requirements?
6. Do you primarily read print or online trade media?
7. Do you use social media for work related research? If so, please tell us what social media you use most frequently. (Please select your top 1-3 preferences.)
8. How satisified are you with communications from Curtiss-Wright?
Extremely SatisfiedVery SatisfiedModerately SatisfiedSlightly SatisfiedNot Satisfied
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