Midlands All-Time Greatest Wrestler (Small and Medium Weight Classes)

First Round Matchups

With the 50th Midlands less than four weeks away, we wanted to find out who you thought was the best wrestler in Midlands history. For that reason, we'd like to introduce the "Midlands All-Time Greatest Bracket Challenge".

With 49 years of Midlands we had to get the list of wrestlers down to a manageable number. So we have a list of 32 wrestlers who qualified for the tournament. In order to qualify you had to meet at least one of the following criteria:

-Won 4 or more Midlands Championships OR
-Won 3 or more Midlands Championships and a "Ken Kraft Champion of Champions" Award OR
-Won 2 or more Midlands Championships and a "Triple Crown" (Midlands + 2 Of NCAAs, Worlds and Olympics)
-Won 1 or more Midlands Championships and a "Grand Slam"
(Midlands + NCAAs, Worlds and Olympics)

Those criteria yielded 32 wrestlers. Next, we split them into four groups of eight by weight. Those groups are small, medium, large and XL. This was somewhat difficult and there are some variations within the weights. Finally, we put them into a bracket divided into four sections (S, M, L and XL).

Now its up to you. The first round match-ups are below. This is the upper half of the bracket containing the small and medium sized wrestlers, the lower half containing the large and XL wrestlers is also available as a separate survey. Voting will be open until December 12th. Then we will tabulate the results and start round two.

Decide who you think was the better wrestler (not necessarily who would win head-to-head, but who was the better wrestler) and make your choice. In the end, we will have the ultimate Midlands Champion!

And remember, tickets are on sale NOW for the 50th Ken Kraft Midlands Championships, hosted by Northwestern on December 29th and 30th. To order tickets call 888-GO-PURPLE.
1. Small Weight Class Round 1:
Tom Brands vs. Nick Simmons
2. Small Weight Class Round 1:
Tim Cysewski vs. Mark Ironside
3. Small Weight Class Round 1:
Terry Brands vs. John Fisher
4. Small Weight Class Round 1:
Randy Lewis vs. Chris Bono
5. Medium Weight Class Round 1:
Dan Gable vs. Jason Robinson
6. Medium Weight Class Round 1:
Lee Kemp vs. Wade Schalles
7. Medium Weight Class Round 1:
Dave Schultz vs. Jim Heffernan
8. Medium Weight Class Round 1:
Kenny Monday vs. David Lee
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