1. Feedback for Intel Teach Elements: Thinking Critically with Data Online Course

1. Date of Completion
2. Select the Modules you have completed
3. E-learning: Time spent on individual work learning concepts of thinking critically with data in interactive tutorials and exercises
4. Action Planning: Time spent on individual work, applying thinking crically with data to one’s own classroom
5. How many Action Plan items did you complete
6. How well did you complete the Action Plans
7. What was your experience in thinking critically with data before this course
8. Have you done or familiar with any of the following
9. How relevant was the course content for someone learning about thinking critically with data
10. Will this course improve the way you teach
11. What other topics would you like to be included in the course
12. Any other suggestions to improve the course
13. Are you located in Sri Lanka
14. Would you like to be contacted when new courses are available
15. Will you recommend this course to any other
16. Contact Information for the Participant Certificate
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